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Multi-purpose chest wrap for children

It is intended for chest and belly wrap. The wrap belt is effective both as a Priessnit´z wrap and a warm wrap in baby colic.



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Category: Thorax
Warranty: 2 years
Multi-purpose chest wrap for children
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We use the Priessnitz (wet steaming) wrap for:
– Cold with fever
– Fever
– Bronchitis with fever

Instructions for using the Priessnitz wrap:

Soak the inner removable cotton part of the wrapping belt in cold water (we choose less cold water for children).
Insert the well-wrung cotton part into the wrapping belt. Place on the body and fasten with Velcro so that the wrap adheres to the body as best as possible and its effect can be as great as possible.

Do not leave the Priessnitz pack on overnight!! The wrap must also not be applied to infected areas, poorly healing wounds, skin diseases such as eczema, and the like. In the case of applying the wrap to small children, it is better to consult a doctor first.

The dry – warm wrap can be used as a wrap itself, but to increase the heat effect, you can heat the inner cotton part by ironing, for example. Our recommendation is to use warming pads that you can comfortably heat up in the microwave - specifically, cherry pits. Buckwheat heating pads heat up by themselves - you can find detailed instructions in the heating pads category.

A dry-warm wrap (we recommend using warming pads to increase the effect) is used for:
– Cold without fever
– Bronchitis without fever
– Baby strollers
– Inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract
– Kidney pain
– Wet cough

As our strips are multi-purpose, i.e. they can be used not only as a Priessnitz compress, but also as a dry warm wrap, you will also find heating pads with us. The pillows are filled with natural materials in Bio quality, namely buckwheat husks or cherry pits.

Colors: Blue, Pink, Green

Intended for: Children

Composition: 100% cotton

Core: 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% polyurethane

Material: 100% cotton

Size: 40-65 cm, 65 - 85 cm

Velcro length: 10cm

Fastening: sliding shoulder straps, Velcro

Inner part - material: 100% cotton - flannel

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