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Multi-purpose warm wrap vest - children's

It helps to warm up the chest, abdomen, back and loins. The wrap contains sewn pockets for inserting warm pads. We use only high-quality materials for its production and pay attention to the quality of sewing.

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Category: Thorax
Warranty: 2 years

Use of a warm pack - to increase the effect of a warm pack, insert warm pads into the sewn pockets.

It helps to warm up the chest, abdomen, back and loins. The wrap contains sewn pockets for inserting warm pads. Choose the area with the sewn-in pocket where you need to increase the heat intensity according to your health problem and insert the warming pad there. It helps with back pain, abdominal pain and period pain, bladder inflammation and kidney pain and to warm up the upper body in general.

You can also apply the regenerative Priessnitz wrap - use a cotton tank top that is not part of the wrap vest and soak it in water, wring it out properly and put it on. Then put on a wrap vest, which should fit well. Priessnitz's wrap helps, among other things, to reduce fever, treat post-traumatic conditions, and relieve muscle and joint pain.

Instructions for using the Priessnitz wrap:

Soak the inner removable cotton part (in this case a cotton tank top) in cold water (we choose less cold water for children).
Put on a well-wrung cotton tank top and then put on a wrap vest. Fasten the vest properly with velcro straps so that the vest adheres to the body as best as possible and its effect could be as great as possible.

Do not leave the Priessnitz pack on overnight!! The wrap must also not be applied to infected areas, poorly healing wounds, skin diseases such as eczema, and the like. In the case of applying the wrap to small children, it is better to consult a doctor first.

The dry-warm wrap can be used as a wrap itself. Our recommendation is to use warming pads that you can comfortably heat up in the microwave - specifically, cherry pits. You place the heating pads in the sewn-in pockets in the area of the vest that you want to warm. Buckwheat heating pads heat up by themselves - you can find detailed instructions in the heating pads category.

Color: Neon green

Material: 100% cotton

Dimensions: 55x45cm

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