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Multi-purpose wrap bags for adults

Wraps are intended for colds, colds and coughs. Also for rheumatic problems, spa and cosmetic procedures.

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Category: Legs
Warranty: 2 years

Priessniz's (wet steaming) wrap helps

  • during a cold with fever
  • while reducing fever
  • in case of swelling – injury, insect sting
  • in rheumatic problems

Instructions for using the Priessnitz wrap:
Soak the socks that are not part of the wrap socks in water (we choose less cold water for children).
Wring them out well, put them on and then put on the wrap booties and fasten with Velcro for maximum grip and effectiveness of the wrap booties.
Do not leave the Priessnitz pack on overnight!! The wrap must also not be applied to infected areas, poorly healing wounds, skin diseases such as eczema, and the like. In the case of applying the wrap to small children, it is better to consult a doctor first.
Dry-warm wrap:

cold feet - to warm the feet while resting - not intended for regular wear
possibility of cosmetic wraps and use in pedicures
The wrap can be improved with other healing ingredients and thus obtain a more effective wrap (e.g. rub the compress or the skin with herbal oil, gel, or the compress can be soaked in an herbal bath).

Booties - adults: Purple 38 – 41, Violet 42 – 45, Blue 38 – 41, Blue 42 – 45, Gray 38 – 41, Gray 42 – 45, Green 38 – 41, Green 42 – 45

Intended for: Adults

Composition: 100% cotton

Material: 100% cotton

Core: 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% polyurethane

Size: 38-41, 42-45

Fastening: Velcro

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